Orange Speech Therapy offers dedicated, holistic and professional speech pathology services to both adults and children with communication and swallowing difficulties in the Central West of New South Wales. At Orange Speech Therapy we understand that adults and children have varying needs and we are thrilled to be able to provide the highest quality of individualised care to our clients.

Children will be seen by Rachel, our specialist paediatric speech pathologist. We offer comprehensive assessments and 1:1 therapy sessions in our clinic. Reports are included in the cost of the initial fee. We also have the capacity to see clients at childcare, preschool or school. Therapy aims to be fun and family focussed. Rachel practices out of SEED Paediatric Services on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Adult clients will be seen by Fiona or Madeleine, our specialist adult speech pathologists. We offer comprehensive assessments (including reports) and individual therapy sessions in a clinic setting, Residential Aged Care Facilities, Dudley Private Hospital and home visits. Fiona practices out of Pinnacle Physiotherapy on Mondays. 

Orange Speech Therapy uses a combination of formal standardised assessment tools and informal assessment tools, plus the latest evidence based therapy techniques.

We are proudly affiliated with the following allied health services: 

Integrity Therapy Services   


The Pinnacle Physiotherapy Clinic 


SEED Paediatric Services

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T: 0427 354 415 (children) 

T: 0402 570 276 (adults)