Comprehensive Initial Assessment (90-120 minutes)

This involves a comprehensive assessment of your child's speech and language skills. Formalised assessment tools are used and the fee includes a detailed report with all assessment findings. 

Initial Screening Assessment (45 minutes)

These assessments are for children with mild difficulties or for younger children (e.g. toddlers). Informal assessment tools will be used and a brief report provided. 

Standard Therapy Session (45 minutes)

Standard therapy appointments will target the specific goals identified from the initial assessment or screening assessment. They will work on your child's speech, language or fluency delay or disorder. These sessions will take place at our clinic. 

Short Therapy Session (30 minutes)

Shorter therapy appointments are for younger children or for children who have minor speech errors. Session lengths will be determined by the nature of your child's delay or disorder.

Extended therapy Appointment (60 minutes)

Some children will require extended appointments due to the complexity of their diagnosis. Older children may also benefit from longer appointment times as these may target phonological awareness and literacy development. This will be discussed after your child's initial assessment. 

School Visits

A visit to your child's preschool or school can be arranged and the fee will be negotiated. If you wish for your child to be seen at school, please discuss this with your speech pathologist. Permission from your child's school will need to be arranged prior to an assessment being carried out. 

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