1. Phone call to Orange Speech Therapy

Phone Claire or Fiona to discuss the concerns you have about yourself or your child. A detailed case history will be taken to determine if we are the best service to meet your needs.


2. Schedule an initial appointment

If we are an appropriate service, a date for an assessment will be organised and any further questions you may have will be answered. The length of this appointment will be determined by the client’s age and needs.


3. Attend the Initial Assessment

On the day of your initial appointment, a range of formal and informal assessment tasks will be conducted. These assessment tools are designed to investigate the underlying communication difficulties reported during your initial phone call. 

For children, tasks are individually chosen to ensure that your child feels comfortable with the speech pathologist. If required, additional information may also be gathered from teachers, preschool educators and relevant health professionals.


4. Report

A thorough report outlining all assessment findings and recommendations will then be provided if required.


5. Intervention/Therapy

Should therapy be recommended, this will then be discussed with you, along with various options for funding. The therapy frequency will be decided between the family and speech pathologist.

6. Review

Following a period of intervention (usually 8-10 weeks), the client's progress will be reviewed. This will enable the speech pathologist to update and revise therapy goals. This process also provides parents the opportunity to be involved in the therapy process.