Initial Assessment (60 minutes)

Assessment may use a combination of informal and standardised tests depending on the needs and ability of the client. Following assessment, a summary or comprehensive report is available and an individualised program is designed. A consultative approach is taken throughout the assessment in order to take into consideration the needs of the client and goals of other professionals involved.

Assessment and therapy of the following conditions is provided:

  • Swallowing impairments in the oral or pharyngeal region

  • Speech difficulties including dysarthria or dyspraxia

  • Language impairments including dysphasia

  • Cognitive language impairments

  • Dysphonia (voice impairment) 

Therapy Sessions (45 minutes)

Therapy sessions will be 45 minutes and will target the goals identified in your initial assessment. You will be given therapy tasks to complete daily at home. The amount of therapy sessions required will be dependent upon your difficulties. 

Contracts to External Organisations

A large proportion of the work we do is providing contracts to external organisations such a Lifetime care, Transitional Aged Care Programs, Residential Aged Care Facilities and hospitals. Please contact us for a quote if you are seeking a speech pathologist to work for your organisation. 

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